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Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, in its most basic definition, is "talk therapy" as opposed to therapy using medication. It involves gentle support by a therapist in assisting you to figure out the best course of action for yourself.

Why go to a therapist?

The value of talking about your problems with a professionally trained therapist is that you are getting help from an objective, skilled person who can offer you an emotionally safe environment. Talking to friends and relatives can be helpful for many problems, but they can have their own interest in your decisions, or may not be prepared to dedicate extensive time to you. A trained and experienced therapist is skillful in helping you make a complete assessment of your situation, develop effective strategies to deal with it, and practice them successfully with supportive counselling.
This happens in an emotionally safe environment where the therapist helps you work at the right pace for you. In couple or parent/child therapy, the therapist promotes open dialogue based on equality and respect.

How long are therapy sessions?

Regular sessions are 55 minutes. Longer sessions can be scheduled.

How will I know what to say?

The therapist will guide you if necessary, and help you feel comfortable.

How many sessions will I need to attend?

Sometimes one session may be very powerful for a person who is trying to sort out a particular problem. The length of therapy depends on the complexity of the issue brought to therapy, and the goals of the client. Maureen and her associates do not believe in keeping clients in active therapy for overly long periods of time. The client and therapist come to an agreement over the commitment to therapy.

Are there evening appointments?

Yes, evening appointments are available.

Must I always come to the office for my sessions?

No, you may have phone or e-mail sessions.

What type of psychotherapy is it?

The therapist is trained in more than one approach, and will use the approach, or combination of approaches best suited to the client.

Do you know other professionals in the community?

Yes. If you require specialized testing or other help, referrals can be made to appropriate professionals.

Are your services covered by OHIP?

Many employee benefit plans cover our services either partially or fully. When you call, have your benefits plan handy and we will clarify your coverage. If your employee assistance plan does not cover psychotherapy you are responsible for payment. The only psychotherapy covered by OHIP is that provided by psychiatrists (MDs).
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