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There are two aspects to our services: psychotherapy and business coaching/consultation. Firstly, the psychotherapy practice provides therapy to individuals, couples and groups. Secondly, the business practice provides career and business coaching to individuals and groups. This includes Mastermind groups. There is also consultation to corporate clients on workplace behaviours.

Is your  personal life affected by the following issues?

Couple Issues Click here fore more information
Decision Making
Separation - Divorce
Anger Management
Sexual Abuse
Childhood Pain Click here for more information
Chronic Illness
Drug or Alcohol Abuse
Adult Child of an Alcoholic/ Drug Abuser Click here for more information
Assertiveness or Boundary Issues
Multiple Losses
Life Transitions
e.g. Job Loss, Aging, Career Change, Retirement
Striving for a Balanced Life
Life Coaching Click here for more information

Is your work life affected by the following issues?

Lack of focus and success in your career
Wanting to start a new career but not knowing where to begin
Changing demands for your skills
Job loss through reorganization or downsizing
Problems managing yourself in the workplace either with managers or peers
Wanting to start a new business Click Here for more information
A desire to take your existing business to the next level

Please contact us for more information on how our services can help you to deal with these personal and work issues in your life.

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